Any Group

I can help any group no matter their position on the spectrum of group performance.

It can be a group with heavy people problems, mediocre groups that are stuck in the “just getting by” rut or high performing groups that love top performance who are also looking for another edge to boost productivity and mission accomplishment.

Every group can find ways to improve effectiveness in meeting its purpose or mission while also providing a more satisfying experience for those group members who enjoy collaboration. It also means conveying an understanding that group members value being part of something larger than themselves and find collaboration an empowering experience. It means creating a leadership team that supports those who want to participate in a healthy, collaborative group and at the same time not passively avoid addressing behaviors that destroy collegiality, and along with it; profits.


Highly Deteriorated Conditions:

Are you a leader who is dealing with nasty people problems and what you are trying now to fix it just isn’t working?

Is your leadership-management team inadvertently creating systemic problems with well intended but silo generated myopic decision making?

Has your group learned to passively accept behaviors that are destructive to collaborative relationships in the group?

Do you hear a constant drumbeat of leader-managers always blaming the followers in the group for all its problems?

Do you live in a group where accountability is lacking and it’s hard to find anyone who is willing to share the responsibility for poor outcomes?

These issues will cause job satisfaction and professional growth to drop encouraging your top performers, at every level of your organization, to leave for greener pastures. Trying to lead a group suffering from these types of problems is very difficult and even more so with a constant flow of your best talent heading for the door. These are horrible condition for a group to face and it’s unnecessary. And that’s the tragedy, experiencing these horrible conditions on a regular basis when in fact they can be remedied by using Collaborative Group Behaviors.


Mediocre Performance:

Many groups seem to accept mediocre performance because they don’t realize things could be better.

Getting by” is not enough anymore because of the ever changing world we live in. Fast paced world of globalization impacting main street businesses combined with higher citizen demands that expect more for their money, just getting by now actually means falling behind.

You owe it to your owners and shareholders if you are a for-profit group….

You owe it to your donors if you are a non-profit group ……

You owe it to your tax payers if you are a government agency…..

To do more than just “get by.”


In any “average” group there are always numerous, unused ways to empower group members towards greater job satisfaction and to develop higher level leadership skills, that together result in higher productivity towards whatever purpose your group is pursuing.

Whether you lead the auto shop or drug store down the street, an inner city food bank, a volunteer group managing after school programs, the county street maintenance department or your city department in charge of building code inspections YOU can use behaviors that can bring your group performance into the same league as a Fortune 100 company.

Sound crazy? It really isn’t. Everybody wins when a group moves from mediocre performance to high performance using Collaborative Group Behaviors.


Already High Performing:

Collaborative Group Behaviors can help any savvy leader that wants a competitive edge by “lubricating” the internal functions of their group with a collaborative model.

High performing groups often know what makes them successful, that’s how they got that way. They are always watching what they do and if it is something that “works” they do a great job at simply repeating it over and over, as long as it remains successful. One of they ways they created that list of successful things to do is they constantly tested new ways of doing things. Tossing out that which doesn’t work and repeating that which did.

These groups are prime candidates for my custom package that can fine tune and add to the already successful methods they are using by adding selected Collaborative Group Behaviors. 

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I have worked with Bob Donaldson and under his guidance for 20 years. During these years I interacted frequently with him and depended on him.  Bob is very goal oriented as well as a team player, and always easygoing.  He is keenly devoted to his work, but being a real people person, he is also enjoyable to be around. He is well organized and thrives under adversity. Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration. No one is better at creating this environment than Bob. What I have learned from him is that as you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. He has taught many of us that other people’s ideas are often better than our own and that when we find a group of people who challenge and inspire us, spend a lot of time with them and it will change your life.
Duane SandulPublic Outreach Specialist