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I have known and worked with Robert Donaldson for nearly 30 years. Bob is a progressive policy thinker while maintaining personnel accountability within the workforce. In the mid 1980’s we shared employment at an organization that was recovering from a labor strike. Employees were at odds; personal property was being vandalized and communication between work teams was inconsistent at best. Morale was low, and organizational efficiency was extremely poor. Bob believes a strong workforce begins with employee empowerment. He initiated programs that increased employee’s viability to their current (and as it turns out also to future) employers. In the face of internal resistance he maintained his beliefs and persevered with these changes. These programs eventually provided increased educational opportunities and coupled with defined lines of communication within the organization, became the cornerstones of greater efficiency and employee empowerment. Within five years, this group …
Karl RoyerOperations and Maintenance Manager (Retired)East Bay Dischargers Association