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I have worked with Mr. Bob Donaldson for approximately 15 years on various projects. Bob was a Project Manager while my duties involved electrical engineering design and consulting.  From our very first meeting I realized Bob’s effectiveness as a manager.  In my opinion, Bob has two main strengths, both of considerable magnitude.  First, Bob is one of the smartest “technical” people that I have had the pleasure to work with.  In my line of work, I often find it challenging to convey ideas involving electrical systems in an understandable manner to non-electrical people.  Not only was Bob able to easily understand what I was talking about, he often times facilitated a clearer understanding of my work by asking the “right” questions.  Secondly, Bob is a complete team player.  He has the unique talent of bringing out each team member’s technical strengths while maintaining a positive, safe and focused working environment.  Project meetings that are normally dry and lab…
Todd BeecherOwnerBeecher Engineering