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How a group creates collaboration as a typical group behavior takes careful planning with leadership and that planning process, and all the conversations and correspondence necessary to do that, have to be confidential. You see me smiling in my picture but I will tell you (as others will also) that I take my work very seriously. When a group fails to collaborate bad things are happening to good people and from my perspective its needless suffering. I find the suffering that results from bad things happening to good people very disturbing, so I am motivated to help the change. That change requires careful planning and careful planning requires confidentiality.

Make sense?

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Collaborative Strategies’ Bob Donaldson is a tough and fair-minded person with years of experience in negotiating and representing the public good. California Wildlife Foundation has witnessed first hand his ability to take a complex issue with multiple party interests and bring projects to successful completion, on time and on budget. He is skillful and determined in meeting his contract obligations. We do not hesitate in recommending him to others based upon his past performance.
Janet CobbExecutive OfficerCalifornia Wildlife Foundation