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How a group creates collaboration as a typical group behavior takes careful planning with leadership and that planning process, and all the conversations and correspondence necessary to do that, have to be confidential. You see me smiling in my picture but I will tell you (as others will also) that I take my work very seriously. When a group fails to collaborate bad things are happening to good people and from my perspective its needless suffering. I find the suffering that results from bad things happening to good people very disturbing, so I am motivated to help the change. That change requires careful planning and careful planning requires confidentiality.

Make sense?

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I have closely witnessed the work and accomplishments of Robert Donaldson for more than 25 years in the various capacities he has held. Bob was able to facilitate the best solutions to a myriad of problems including technical, personnel, organizational, regulatory, functional, operational and administrative issues that he was continually confronted with. Bob was always cool headed and rational in his thinking and at his best in listening and then making assessments of the necessary actions to be taken. The list of projects and programs he successfully steered and is steering to the desired conclusions is impressive. I have always been impressed by how honestly and respectfully he treated each participant and conducted his activities in a manner that allowed everyone to express themselves and yet lead the discussion candidly and productively. Bob’s talents are many and I heartily and unequivocally recommend his engagement in any assignment that fits these talents.
Joseph CovelloP.E., Board Chairman and PrincipalThe Covello Group