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Robert M Donaldson

How much productivity are you missing out on by not having a collaborative group?

How much damage is inappropriate behavior causing in your group?

If you are not asking yourself these questions, you already need me.

Many behaviors that YOU have learned to live with are the same behaviors that are killing your group’s ability to collaborate—guaranteed.

Your group might be surviving, limping along at a low “normal,” but your chances of being anything better just don’t exist. Most people I talk to misunderstand what real collaboration entails. It’s bold. It’s supportive. It’s training oriented and mission focused.

Bob is a complete team player. He has the unique talent of bringing out each team member’s technical strengths while maintaining a positive, safe, and focused working environment. —Todd Beecher

My unique experience has allowed me to collect and develop almost 100 different behaviors that will universally promote the success of any human and any human group.

I can help you create a well-designed group by establishing the foundational support for collaboration within the group environment.

When you bring me in, I will guide you through the entire process of shifting your group over to a highly collaborative and highly productive mission-centered group. Or, I can train key leaders and personnel and you can take it from there.

The training materials I have prepared for you are standalone materials. In other words, I don’t hold back on any information, which allows you to choose whatever level of involvement you feel you need from me. The comprehensive yet easy-to-read leadership manual includes everything a leader needs to know to lead a highly collaborative group.

The Collaborative Group Behavior packages are also designed to be standalone. Whether it’s a custom package I build for you or the Starter, Growth, or Transformation package, the packages are built specifically to give you all the information you need so you don’t need anyone, including me, to create the high performance you are wanting from your group.

As part of the transition, each and every group member will be provided with a personal copy of the Collaborative Group Behaviors materials that are part of the packages your group has purchased. Leaders will start out with complete packets, and they will share the information with the rest of the group in phases as the training and implementation progresses.

Bob is extremely talented in his ability to work closely with others in strategic systems and organizations. —Dan Child

I highly recommend that I give your top leadership some training that will help the transition.

The fact is, if you use Collaborative Group Behaviors to transform your group, the collaborative people in your group will become very effective and very high performers. In order to give group members the work environment and the type of leadership they will need to grow professionally leadership needs to use the specifically designed techniques offered in the Comprehensive Leadership Manual. This manual, provided as part of your package, departs from some of the outdated leadership methods used by many leaders today and specifically identifies the behaviors that can make your leadership staff a highly effective leadership team.

Using these outdated leadership methods can cause deteriorated work environments that discourage collaboration even with the best of intentions. After receiving my leadership training, along with the vital information provided by the Comprehensive Leadership Manual it will help the leadership team to avoid any future deteriorated conditions, each and every leader in your group will have a copy of the Comprehensive Leadership Manual they can refer to for the rest of their careers. This leadership manual is packed with every insight and nuance that will provide longevity for your leadership team.

The Comprehensive Leadership Manual includes everything a leader needs to know in order to implement the use of Collaborative Group Behaviors and Collaborative Leadership Initiatives. In addition, the manual includes the entire Collaborative Group Behavior implementation process laid out in a systematic, step-by-step fashion.

Bob was able to facilitate the best solutions to a myriad of problems including technical, personnel, organizational, regulatory, functional, operational, and administrative issues that he was continually confronted with. —Joseph Covello

Ultimately, how much you want me to be involved in helping you and your group along the way depends on your group’s current ability to collaborate and the current strength of your leadership team. After you have received and examined the training materials (which includes the Comprehensive Leadership Manual and the entire Collaborative Group Behavior package), we can work together on deciding how I can help you.

There are many options for how we can work together.

For example, I can get you started with some top leadership training, or stand side-by-side with you to provide significant insight before and during implementation, or provide high-impact training for any level of your group, or be available on an ongoing basis to help you with any decision points you want assistance with.

As noted previously, the Comprehensive Leadership Manual and the extensive Collaborative Group Behavior packages have everything you need. If you want to bring me on board for training and consulting for various questions as they arise, I’m ready to do that too.

Bob has displayed an unusual ability to assess the needs of the parties involved and craft a strategy for cooperation that will benefit everyone. He has a large tool box of strategies on how to get a team working together. —Mike Joyce

Ready for the next step? Contact me to set up a short consultation.

I will follow up by sending you a complete intake packet which includes:

  • Confidential Intake Questionnaire – that will help me to help you by informing me of the challenges you are currently facing
  • Leadership Manual table of contents
  • Implementation Package results when Collaborative Group Behaviors are implemented successfully
  • My current rate sheet.

If you want to learn more about why this works and what will happen in creating a collaborative group: keep reading.

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When you work with Bob Donaldson on a challenging, full-of-potential-pitfalls kind of project, you are in for one of the most rewarding professional achievements of your life. I have been working with Bob on complex infrastructure projects for nearly 20 years. He is a master at leading mission-oriented teams who respect, challenge, and support each other in working towards a common goal. For Bob, collaboration is not just a bunch of people sitting around a table making nice. Collaboration is work – hard work – real work. And the stakes for the outcome of the process are often very high. It is in this kind of environment that Bob thrives and excels. He produced a small “Guide to Collaborative Behaviors” for our team – this guide has become one of my “go to” resources in working with other clients who struggle with difficult team dynamics. It always works!
Valerie J. YoungPrincipal Environmental Planning Consultancy